Security Services in Pune

Security for Sunburn Music Festival

As HPFMS has provided its Security Services to many of the important events, it also has covered Sunburn festival successfully. When so many people are involved, providing security services becomes a very tricky job.

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Facility Management Services in Pune

Facility Management

Introduction Facility Management is an interdisciplinary profession that utilizes various skills and an extensive know-how to enable smooth functioning of

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Night Inspection Rounds

The sector in which HPFMS is working has always been very rough. To maintain its operation in its utmost efficiency there are some measures and working styles which HPFMS has adopted in its many years of existence…

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Moving Ahead!

Dear Well wishers of the company, We achieved strong financial performance, continued to successfully implement our strategy and laid a

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HPFMS - facility management services in Pune

HPFMS Features

HPFMS FEATURES We at HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. are deeply aware that the delivery of an excellent service

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