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Mall Security and Housekeeping

Shopping Mall Security Guards

We provide malls with security booths and equipment along with a robust security staff in order to keep the premises under strict observation. The guards follow duties like:

  • Vigilant observation of the floor
  • Performing security checks in parking lots
  • Performing security checks on visitors
  • Patrolling the entire area during night time
Mall Security Guards

Mall Housekeeping and Maintenance

Cleaning is a continuous process when it comes to malls, hence we provide workers who have been allocated specific duties in order to ensure complete cleanliness. These are their duties:

  • Cleaning the floors multiple times a day
  • Cleaning of tables at food courts
  • Responsible disposal of waste
  • Maintenance of elevators, lobbies, escalators, and terraces
mall security guard and housekeeping
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Our values for Mall Security and Housekeeping

We strive to provide copious buildings like malls with efficient security and sincere staff personnel. From all the floors to the multiple entrances as well as parking areas, each corner of the mall is covered by our security professionals in order to maintain decorum.

Shopping Mall Maintenance & Security
Why Choose Us
Economic Charges
We keep our services high and our charges low in order to make working with us the most enjoyable experience for you.
Abundant Professionals

We possess a large team of housekeeping and security professionals who could take care of humongous properties together.

Continuous Maintenance
Malls require continuous cleaning of floors, and we provide professionals who undertake this responsibility exclusively.
Distinctive Outlook

Our job role does not end with handing over professionals. We are available for providing services even after that.

mall security guards and housekeeping

Mall Maintenance FAQ’s

Yes, our staff consists of both male and female housekeeping professionals.
Yes, we do.
You can mail as at for any query. You can also call us at  +91 93460 55333 during working hours.



Mall Security and Housekeeping
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Our Values for Mall Security and Housekeeping

As Pune’s leading security agency, we strive to provide the best security facilities for shopping malls. We are compliant with all industry standards, regulations, and norms so that we can provide the most professional and satisfactory experience to our customers looking for mall security as well as housekeeping facilities.